• 指挥官杰拉德L. 纳尔逊USN (Ret.) ’43-2

    于2021年7月6日去世. Nelson attended Morse High School 和 Fryeburg Academy. He graduated from MMA in the wartime class of 1943-2. 太年轻不适合服役, 他的父亲不得不批准纳尔逊以工程师的身份加入美国海军陆战队. 战争期间,他在四艘船上服役,为美军提供弹药、食物和其他必需品.S. troops 和 allied countries. 他喜欢这份工作,但他不喜欢“在一艘不能向敌人开火的船上”.” In 1946, Nelson accepted his commission to the U.S. 作为少尉的海军. 在接下来的25年里, he served on several ships 包括 destroyers, 两栖攻击舰, 迷幻药, guided missile cruisers. Nelson was awarded many decorations, 奖牌, 徽章, 嘉奖, citations 和 campaign ribbons, 1971年退休. 在海军服役期间,他被QED Systems, Inc .聘用.他曾在奥道明尼安大学(Old Dominion University)担任ODU实体工厂的副主任. Nelson proudly dedicated his life to the service of his country. Nelson was also a Mason 和 a member of Solar Star Lodge #14 A.F. & A.米,浴缸,缅因州. 对那些熟悉他的人来说,他是一个流氓,一个讲故事的人,一个多面手.

  • Cmdr. 伦纳德T. 戴利USN (Ret.) ’44

    去世了 on July 3, 2021. 戴利是综合格斗第三班的学生,在1944年毕业后进入美国.S. Merchant Marines where he served until 1947. 二战期间,他参加了大西洋、地中海和太平洋剧院的演出. 戴利从美国退役.S. 海军 Reserves achieving the rank of Comm和er. He was recalled to active duty from 1968-70 as Chief Administrative Officer for the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, 这让他在二战和越南战争中都服役过. 他获得了加州大学伯克利分校的机械工程学位, 1954 和 retired after 40 years with General Electric. 终其一生, Daley maintained his chief engineer license which enabled him, 在75岁的时候, to become the engineer on the H.M.S. 玫瑰 帆船. 他担任以下职位:美国机械工程师协会主席, Society of Naval Architects 和 Marine Engineers, Reserve Officers Association California Chapter, 纽约海军联盟, 海军储备协会, the Portl和 Marine Society. 除了与所有见过他的人分享他的冒险经历和他迷人而充实的生活, he thoroughly enjoyed painting, 是个狂热的读者, 周游世界, danced with his lovely wife every opportunity he had. 他的骄傲和快乐是他设计并建造了他在安息日湖的家.

  • 罗伯特W. 加斯科因的46

    去世了 on May 10, 2021. Gascoigne was a graduate of the Kent School, CT., the University of 缅因州 in Orono, MMA. 毕业后, he served with the 美国 Merchant Marines, traveling extensively as a Seaman. During his professional life he was a decorated salesman, first for 纽约 Life 和 later, 在他职业生涯的大部分时间, for Hayden Publishing based in Rochelle Park, NJ. 海登的一份出版物是技术杂志《AG真人集团官网》,为此,加斯科因把广告位卖给了许多人,包括梅杰, well-known public companies. 远离销售世界, Gascoigne loved Classical 和 Baroque music 和 was a long-time member of the Masterworks Chorus performing for several years during the 圣诞节 season at both Lincoln Center 和 Carnegie Hall. 他是一个狂热的滑雪和高尔夫球手,在他的一生中打出三次一杆进洞. One was at the Rockaway River Country Club in Denville, NJ, two at his beloved Wawenock Golf Club in Walpole, ME. 包括早期的球童生涯,加斯科因在瓦维诺克打了80多年的高尔夫球. When he wasn’t on the golf course, his ideal day was one spent at the farm, 看他花园里的鸟, 或者一边听摩门教教堂唱诗班的歌,一边从窗口画野生动物. 他从来不会拒绝和家人一起下跳棋或在海滩上度过一天.

  • 劳伦斯E. 英格拉的46

    去世了 April 8, 2016 in Benicia, Calif. He was a 1944 graduate of Sherman High School, 1946年综合格斗毕业, where he became a Merchant Marine. 1952年,他在俄亥俄州的通用汽车公司工作,之后重返大海. Soon after, he settled in California. He became a 上校ain of the Seas, 航行到众多港口, 国内外的, 在他33年的任期内. 在他职业生涯的最后10年里,他为美国总统行导航,并于1987年退休. 他是位于谢尔曼的Molunkus Valley Lodge 165 AF 和 AM的终身会员, a member of the Benicia Yacht Club.

  • Montelle L. 小的46

    于2021年2月24日去世. 斯莫尔出生在缅因州的斯托宁顿,毕业于综合格斗,之后成为了一名工程师. 他有一个很好的经验,看到世界和欣赏其他国家的人民. Small came ashore to accept an offer from Travelers Ins. Co. as a safety engineer manager of their Portl和 office.

  • 詹姆斯·G. 老年痴呆的47

    去世了 on June 14, 2021. 他在普雷斯克岛(Presque Isle)的父亲在巴顿街(Barton Street)盖的房子里住了大半生. While in high school he was class president for 3 years, 包括他的大四, served on student council 和 played trombone in the school b和. 他和3个伙伴在一个名为“帽匠”的舞蹈乐队中为学校舞会演奏. 高中毕业后,他参加了综合格斗,1947年毕业,成为一名轮机工程师. 他在船上航行。 S.S. 华盛顿西南的胜利 to locations all over the world. During this time, he attained the rank of Lieutenant J.G. 在海军预备役. (This later was humorous to his kids as his mail came to Lt. J.G. J. G. 老年痴呆). 1952年,他离开大海,开始在缅因州公共服务公司工作. From Steam Plant Operator he worked his way up to Shift Chief to Shift Supervisor to Superintendent of Plants to Manager of Production. 四十年后他退休了,享受钓鱼、打猎和在波提奇湖避暑的乐趣. 西尔是哥伦布的四度骑士,一生都是虔诚的天主教徒. 他也是国际演讲会的会员和S.A.D. 1退休后. 他随和的天性和经常说的幽默俏皮话使他成为独一无二的人. He will be greatly missed by his family.

  • 劳埃德·H. 温特沃斯50

    passed peacefully on March 1, 2021. Wentworth was born 和 brought up on a farm in Knox, 缅因州. 他经常和家人分享在农场长大的美好回忆. After leaving the farm, a boyhood dream came true. He proudly attended 和 graduated from MMA as an engineer. 他继续通过海洋储备与综合格斗的联系. Being faithful to 和 proud of his Alma Mater, Wentworth returned in the summers to enjoy MMA 首页coming. Wentworth started his electrical business in Searsport, then moved to Belfast 和 opened Wentworth Hardware Store on Waldo Avenue now known as the Wentworth Professional Building. 他的业务发展到包括温贝尔公寓综合体和温特沃斯活动中心. Wentworth became very involved 和 invested in Belfast. 作为商会的一部分,他花了许多年的时间致力于城市的发展. He maintained strong physical 和 mental health for his 91 years.

  • 上校. 弗雷德里克Kimborowicz的54

    去世了 on October 29, 2019.

  • 卡尔·R. 莫里斯的54

    于2021年5月2日去世. 莫里斯毕业于普里斯克岛高中和综合格斗,获得工程学学位. 毕业后, Morris became a marine engineer with Atlantic Refining Company, then accepted an engineering position with Stone 和 Webster building a steam generation plant for 缅因州 Public Service in Caribou, 缅因州. 他的下一个职业转变是在卡布里的普通食品公司的鸟眼分部, 从助理工厂工程师到工厂工程师再到生产经理. In 1963 he became the first plant manager at McCain Foods, advancing to manager of manufacturing, 副总裁,最后是国际公司的高级制造副总裁. In 1988, he became president of McCain Foods Japan/Korea. Morris was active in the Canadian Food Processors Association, where he served on the Executive Committee, 当总统. He received the first McCain Star Award in 2007 for distinguished service to McCain Foods 和 was inducted into the Potato World Hall of Recognition in appreciation for his work in the industry. 莫里斯为许多用于炸薯条制造过程的切菜刀和刀头申请了专利. Morris refined an idea from his youth to develop McCain “Superfries” which became the most popular oven reconstituted French fry in the world. He instituted the Agricultural Bargaining Council whose goal was to ensure a stable supply of product with improved quality. 这是广受欢迎的“麦凯恩冠军种植者”计划的前身. He also developed the “McCain Quality Performance” criteria 和 was an early supporter of the McCain Potato Processing Technology Centre.

  • 理查德·D. 奥利里的54

    去世了 on April 17, 2021. O’Leary was born in Lewiston, raised in Auburn, attended MMA. 他还完成了亚历山大·汉密尔顿研究所(Alex和er Hamilton Institute)的现代商业课程. He went on to receive a graduate tuition scholarship from Adelphi University where he earned a master’s in business degree 和 was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science Degree from MMA, 同时也是第一批12名入选该机构名人墙的人之一. 售后服务在美国.S. 海军,美国.S. 商船队,在25岁的时候,是党卫军的二副和领航员 美国, making 254 transatlantic crossings from 纽约 to Europe, he then became Comm和er of Midshipman at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, N.Y. O’Leary then moved to Norfolk, Va.后来成为诺福克港口和工业管理局(Norfolk Port 和 Industrial Authority)的副总经理. 1972年,他创立了Cruise International/ CI Travel,500 employees 和 55 offices in 12 states. 他建造的, owned 和 operated a fleet of 14 600-passenger, 在美国的主要港口城市停靠游船, 包括 诺福克的灵魂.

  • Donald L. 商人的55

    星期一去世,9月. 6, 2021, at Knox (缅因州) Center for Long Term Care. 商船航行了21年,并在缅因州国家轮渡服务工作了10年.

  • 罗纳德·W. 雷夫的55

    于2020年3月20日去世. He settled in Connecticut, where he became a manager for the A&P grocery store 和 later owned Ron’s Market. 在杂货店工作了一段时间后,他成为了一名成功的房地产经纪人. 雷夫演奏手风琴和管风琴,并加入了一个成功的音乐团体, performing in various venues in the area. 他一生都热衷于慈善和社交,加入了扶轮社和共济会. He was also active in his church, 在西风山的联合卫理公会教堂担任引座员多年. He was an amateur sailor for a number of years 和 enjoyed short trips in his monohull off the coast of New Engl和. Reiff will live on in the memories of all who knew him as a kind man who was devoted to family 和 friends 和 one who gave generously of his time.

  • 上校. 埃弗雷特F. 罗林斯USN (Ret.) ’55

    去世了 on August 22, 2021. After graduation, Rollins was commissioned as an Ensign in the U.S. 海军. He received his wings of gold as a Naval Aviator in 1957. He attended Post Graduate School at George 华盛顿 University 和 was an instructor in the Engineering Department at the U.S. 海军学院. During the Vietnam War he flew over 500 combat missions 和 was the Comm和ing Officer of VAQ-132 where he piloted the first combat mission for the EA-6B. 他毕业于美国.S. 海军战争学院. He was the Comm和ing Officer of the aircraft carrier 富兰克林D. 罗斯福 (CV-42). 他是位于亚利桑那州凤凰城的海军和海军陆战队预备役中心的指挥官. 在阿拉伯语学校学习了一年之后,他的最后一项现役任务是担任美国驻伊拉克大使.S. 海军Attaché在美国.S. 驻埃及开罗大使馆. 罗林斯从海军退役,担任上尉(O-6),服役33年. His second career was with TCOM, L.P. 作为项目经理, 站点管理器, 飞行指挥和教练员为浮空器监视系统将近20年. 在此期间,他在加勒比海的一艘浮空器船上担任了两年的飞行指挥. 罗林斯是一名志愿者,也是格伦代尔救世军顾问委员会的成员, AZ 和 a member of the First United Methodist Church of Glendale, 阿兹40年. He is the recipient of the BSA Order of the Arrow Founders award for personifying the spirit of selfless service.

  • 多尼R. 惠顿的58

    于2021年4月12日在加利福尼亚州诺瓦托与长期疾病抗争后去世. A 50-year resident of Bridgton, 缅因州, 惠顿1955年毕业于卡姆登高中,1958年毕业于MMA,获得了轮机工程学位. 毕业后,惠顿在商船队当水手,途经东方. In 1960, 他完成了缅因州狩猎管理员培训,并被派驻到20英里担任副管理员. In 1961, 他被转移到克莱顿湖,在新的看守营第一师待了四年, 在那里他被提升为督察然后调到B区然后到A区. A few years later, he worked up to the rank of sergeant. 惠顿为典狱长服务了超过25年,并深爱着这个机构. He was the true epitome of the north woods law. Wheaton retired from the warden service in 1985. 惠顿还是一名获得PSIA认证的滑雪教练,获得了30年的领奖针. 惠顿在湖区卖房地产,是圣地教徒. 他是一个狂热的渔夫,大小猎物的猎人,和全能的户外爱好者. 惠顿一直期待着他的下一次“老房子”之旅,以及在帕滕的户外冒险. 他喜欢棒球, which he played throughout high school 和 at MMA, helped coach the local baseball teams.

  • 唐纳德J. 主要的59

    去世了 on May 21, 2021. 退役海军上校,服役32年毕业于综合格斗, Main曾在迪士尼和维京游轮公司担任轮机工程师. He enjoyed watching or going to sports games.

  • 雷蒙德·J. 迪翁60

    于2021年5月6日去世. 迪翁毕业于沃特维尔高中,并从综合格斗学院获得了轮机工程学位. 毕业后的第二天, Dionne traveled to 纽约 City 和 was immediately hired by American Export Isbr和tson Lines 和 sailed aboard the USS Independence 和 the USS Exiria. 他获得了高级核操作员执照,并登上了美国军舰 萨凡纳. 这艘船在许多港口受到热烈欢迎,皇室和达官贵人前来参观, 迪翁对许多人进行了和平利用核能的教育. American Export Lines contracted with Bath Iron Works to build container ships in 1966 和 hired Dionne to be Resident Inspector of New Construction, overseeing the building of the Seawitch, 猎犬, 闪电. 迪翁前往意大利,在Italcantieri船厂监督太平号的建造. 回到浴室, Dionne continued to work on new construction at BIW, 为法雷尔航运公司的集装箱船和州立航运公司的滚装船工作. In 1980, Dionne joined Philips Petroleum Company where he was Fleet Superintendent of oil tankers 和 oversaw new construction of tankers 和 liquid natural gas ships in China. Dionne worked as Production Manager to oversee design conversion of a tanker to a floating production 和 storage vessel. 油轮项目将迪翁带到新加坡进行船舶改装. Dionne transferred to Norway where he continued working with the tanker fleet 和 联系d oil platform work until his retirement in 1995. He rejoined the workforce to work for Tycom Reliance as Deputy Director of New Construction on cable laying ships in Singapore.

  • 上校. 理查德E. 格雷厄姆61年

    于2021年4月23日死于肺癌治疗后的并发症. 出生在纽堡, 纽约, 他搬到了肯纳邦克波特, 缅因州 in 1947 where Graham enjoyed an idyllic childhood. His home was within walking distance of Cape Arundel Golf Club where Graham got a summer job as a caddy at the age of ten, rising to the level of caddy master. He was an athletic 和 gifted golfer, 最终成为了阿伦德尔角高尔夫俱乐部长达数十年的会员. In recent years he belonged to Old Marsh Golf Club 和 enjoyed traveling to courses in 缅因州 as a member of the 缅因州 State Golf Association. Graham graduated from Kennebunk High School class of 1958. 1961年从综合格斗专业毕业后,他开始了长达45年的航海生涯. He crossed the Atlantic several times, visiting ports from Germany to Italy, 《加勒比海盗, 阿根廷, through the Panama 和 Suez Canals, 沿西海岸及跨越国际日期变更线至香港. 他于2003年结束职业生涯,从Hvide Shipping退休,担任Seabulk的船长 Magnachem. 随着家庭的壮大, 格雷厄姆停止了国际航运,转而从事更有利于家庭的沿海航运, Searsport之间, 缅因州和休斯顿, 德州. Graham was a strong dignified man, 一个绅士, a loving husb和 和 supportive parent 和 gr和parent. He enjoyed close friendships from golf, his time at sea, MMA.

  • 斯蒂芬一. 鲱鱼61


  • 威廉J. O ' reilly 62

    去世了. 奥莱利在海上工作了近30年,从首席工程师升为奥格登海运公司的一员. 他上岸后作为Ogden Marine(现在的OMI Corp)的港口工程师,重新开始了他的职业生涯。. 退休后,他在加拿大和佛罗里达的家中度过了一段时间. 他身后留下了两个儿子比尔·奥莱利86E和克里斯托弗·奥莱利.

  • 斯坦利一. 弗雷泽64

    去世了 on August 19, 2021. Fraser graduated from Lincoln Academy 和 MMA. He relocated to Ledyard, where he raised his family. Fraser was employed by General Dynamic, Electric Boat as a director 和 retired after 37 years in 2002. 退休后,他住在缅因州的纽港,与家人和朋友在一起. 他非常爱他的孩子和孙子,他们是他生命中的光. Fraser was an avid Red Sox, Celtics, Giants fan.

  • 艾伦·W. 兰妮64

    去世了 April 1, 2021 at his home. 1960年,他毕业于Skowhegan高中,1964年毕业于综合格斗. Laney retired from Scott Paper in 1995. 退休期间,兰尼到夏威夷、苏格兰、意大利和加拿大各地旅行. 兰尼喜欢打猎、飞行、钓鱼、酿酒和制作家具.

  • 艾伦E. 洛克65年

    于2021年5月15日去世. Rucker在缅因州接受正规教育之前在东哈达姆长大. He graduated from Berwick Academy in 1961 和 MMA in 1965, where he was a member of the football team 和 the yacht club. He would go on to serve as an US Merchant Marine mate 和 officer in various capacities for several oil companies 和 supplying ammunition during the Vietnam War. Rucker had returned to East Haddam to work for Dun & 布拉德斯特里特. He rose to the top of his field in credit 和 finance. 1983年,Rucker获得了新罕布什尔学院工商管理硕士学位. He also worked at Frye Shoe Co, Mr. 圣诞节, 和联合解决方案,这需要他在信贷部门的独特技能, specifically dealing with collections 和 delinquent leases. 早在房产流行之前,洛克就喜欢购买、修理和出售房产. 其他爱好还包括与家人露营、游泳、木工和收集硬币. Most of all, Rucker enjoyed any time spent at the shore. 他喜欢水. 在他的综合格斗年鉴上, 据说,“他进城时只带了50美分,回来时却像花了5美元一样。.正是这种罕见的综合能力使他在生活中如此成功.

  • 罗纳德·B. 塔克66

    去世了 on January 29, 2021. 从综合格斗毕业后, 他曾在美国出口Isbr和tsen Lines公司任职数年,担任各种职务. 在后来的几年里,塔克被聘为这家店的经理/主管 & 商店仓库在北黑文,后来成为房地产经纪人与威廉拉维斯. 塔克是现代的自耕农,他喜欢经营一个大菜园, 饲养鸡羊, heating his home with wood or coal. 他对海洋的热爱从未减退,人们可以看到他在哈莫纳塞特国家公园划船和观鸟. Tucker made sure his children each had their boating license at a young age so they could share his love of the water. He loved spending time with his family, especially his gr和children, 谁有他在后院玩棋盘游戏和槌球的珍贵记忆.

  • 理查德·S. 小骑士,. ’67

    他于2021年6月27日去世. 1963年,他毕业于约克(缅因州)高中,并在那里踢足球. 综合格斗结束后,他在商船队(Merchant marine)担任轮机工程师,曾9次环游世界. 这一时期, 还有他在综合格斗的经历, provided ample material for many interesting stories, which he loved to tell to his friends 和 family. Fishing out of Perkins Cove in Ogunquit for over 40 years, Knight first had a dragger 和 later a lobster boat. 奈特热爱水上生活,并深深珍惜他与海湾其他渔民的友谊. 一个天生的发明家, Knight was always thinking of ways to make something work better 和 was awarded three 美国 patents 和 a Canadian patent. 奈特喜欢砍柴和用他的拖拉机犁地. 他非常爱他的家人,没有什么比和他们在一起更开心的了. Always ready for a good conversation or story, 奈特对他成长和热爱的那个地区有着丰富的历史知识, the people 和 events that shaped it. 他的真诚和善良使他成为一个交谈和了解的愉快.

  • Lt. 罗伯特E. 沃恩68

    他于2021年3月18日去世. Vaughn served in the 美国 Air Force while in high school, then upon his acceptance to MMA, 他加入了美国海军,毕业时成为了一名中尉. He served in Vietnam with the Merchant Marines from 1968-1971. Vaughn retired as the Director of Worldwide Nuclear Power Operations for Worley-Parsons Corporation in Reading, 宾西法尼亚. He enjoyed sailing with his family on the Chesapeake Bay, 狩猎, 钓鱼, 在卡车上, 木工, 家里的改进, 缅因州的家庭度假, 烹饪, 讲故事, teaching his kids everything he knew, coaching sports for his kids, spending time with his family.

  • 约翰年代. 伍德沃德70

    9月9日意外去世. 20, 2021. 伍德沃德1970年毕业于AG真人集团官网,1970年至1987年在商船队服役. He then sold real estate for a number of years. 他喜欢周游世界,还会带些纪念品回家给家人. He also enjoyed riding motorcycles 和 unique cars, music,

  • 丹尼斯·“瑞安”·金二世

    died peacefully at home on July 24, 2021. A lifelong athlete 和 scholar, King swam at Orono High School, 然后越野跑到圣安瑟姆学院学习历史. 一个专门的跑步者, 20年来,金一直在缅因州东部和中部进行公路跑步和计时比赛, 完成许多马拉松, 在AG真人集团官网(AG真人集团官网)执教男子和女子越野队, maintained a section of the Appalachian Trail in 缅因州, was section hiking the A.T.,向南行进的. His trail name was “Shortcut.他曾在AG真人集团官网(AG真人集团官网)担任金融分析师和机构研究员, where he was also a beloved mentor for student athletes. King loved his career 和 sought excellence in all he did.

  • 唐纳德·G. 格里森,小. ’71

    于2021年5月17日去世. Gleason was a graduate of Bishop Fenwick High School, MMA, he earned his MBA from Babson College, 他在那里以最优等的成绩毕业并获得了道格拉斯奖. 从综合格斗毕业后, Gleason was employed at Bath Iron Works, 西尔瓦尼亚, subsequently as a First Engineer for MEBA. 他还做了几年的游艇经纪人,后来收购了Fels Company. He concluded his professional career working at O&G行业. His love for sailing started as a boy in Marblehead Harbor. 从那时起,格里森就被招募为他参加过的任何一艘帆船的船长. 在MMA, 他是这艘单桅帆船的船长, “好消息,他是游艇俱乐部的准将. He was also a member of the Portl和 Yacht Club.

  • 亚瑟年代. 年轻的73

    于2021年5月4日去世. 杨1969年毕业于萨姆纳纪念高中,1973年毕业于综合格斗. 毕业后,杨在国际纸业工作了19年. 1993年,他搬到韩国,用他的“白帽子”换了一艘龙虾船. 最近他在为《友谊陷阱》制作并运送头部. 他是联合浸信会和伊甸浸信会的积极成员, 因为他是一个有奉献精神的人,他会不遗余力地帮助任何需要帮助的人.

  • 威廉L. 本森,小. ’78

    他于2021年6月26日去世. Benson grew up in Bedford, N.H.1974年,他从南波特兰高中毕业. 本森天生就喜欢运动,他参加了田径、网球和棒球. 本森热爱所有与航海有关的东西,他参加了综合格斗,1978年毕业,成为一名商船队员. 本森搬到了多佛,并继续航海,直到2020年退休. 超过40年以上, Benson worked his way up the ladder, 最终成为超级油轮的总工程师. 在这个角色, 他管理船舶的工程部,并负责轮机室的安全, 高效的操作,以及船上所有机械设备的操作. 本森的职业生涯把他带到了世界各地的外国港口, through the Panama 和 Suez Canals, – as a part of his military contracts – into war zones. 在非洲靠岸时,他进行了两次狩猎旅行,睡在星空下. 在家庭假日聚会上,他分享了自己航海冒险的丰富多彩的故事.

  • Tedd R. St. 80年皮埃尔

    去世了 unexpectedly on March 2, 2021. 他毕业于马基亚斯纪念高中(Machias Memorial High School)和综合格斗学院(MMA),获得工程学学位. 他的事业使他能够周游世界,结交远近的朋友. 在2020年退休之前,他不仅在国际上工作,也在全国各地工作.

  • 莎拉·F. 哈德逊

    去世了 peacefully on September 10, 2021 in Hermon. 她毕业于罗斯玛丽学院,在那里她是一个强壮的运动员和聪明的鞭子. She went to Colby College 和 discovered her love of 缅因州. While working at Castine Community Hospital, 哈德逊在1977年启动了巴加杜塞救护车服务, training its volunteers 和 overseeing its services until 2012. After leaving Castine Community Hospital, 她成为AG真人集团官网的教员,在那里她教授船舶医学和急诊医学. 她还在汉考克县附近教授紧急医疗技术员课程, CPR 和 first aid to local elementary students, 消防部门, 和EMS反应小组. 哈德逊 earned multiple awards for all she did, 包括 MMA’s “Unsung 水手” which is given to a staff or faculty member who demonstrates outst和ing community service 和 support of student life. 她被卡斯廷镇授予“年度志愿者”称号, the “EMS Special Merit Award,以及“缅因州年度公民”,以表彰她在紧急医疗服务方面的贡献. She was also recognized by members of the 缅因州 State Senate 和 House of Representatives on her retirement for her years of service to the citizens of 缅因州. 哈德逊 was well respected 和 a mentor to many.

  • 约翰D. 部82年

    passed peacefully in his sleep on July 20, 2021. He was born in New Haven 和 grew up in Northford, Conn. 作为一个非常活跃的青年, 打棒球, midget football 和 the fife in the Minute Men Dife 和 Drum Corp. 他就读于泽维尔高中,并参加了田径和足球. College life was spent at MMA, where he enjoyed another four years of playing football 和 graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Engineering. He had a number of exciting jobs that took him all over the world, 他会说, 他航行过所有的海洋.” He was the marine engineer aboard the 传奇 查尔斯·佩森的游艇——美国职业棒球大联盟大都会队和路易斯安那拖船公司的所有者. 他曾担任美国海军中尉预备役军官(JG),与O.R.I 和 TECO Ocean Shipping Inc. McKeown loved all sports 和 attended as many Tampa Buccaneers, 射线, 闪电 games as possible. 他有很多兴趣爱好,包括爱国者队、波士顿红袜队和烹饪.

  • 罗伯特T. 牛顿04年

    去世了 on April 8, 2021. After graduating from high school in Avon, Conn., he served in the 海军 from 1968-1969. Newton attended Central Connecticut State College, MMA, the University of Southern 缅因州, earning degrees in civil engineering 和 postsecondary education. 他的职业生涯包括土木工程、承包商和电工. 牛顿花了17年时间训练基督教青年会游泳队,他高兴地开车去参加所有的外地比赛.

  • 瑞安L. 杜林的17

    去世了 on April 3, 2021. 吉利毕业于蒙特. Ararat High School in 2005 和 enlisted in the Air Force, where he served for six years, 包括 three tours in the Iraqi war. After his time in the Air Force, 吉利继续在南新罕布什尔大学获得学士学位. He worked at BIW after completing their apprenticeship with MMA 和 then moved to Scarborough to start his life 和 career at 德州 Instruments. 他总是在寻找下一个冒险,除非涉及到高空、云霄飞车或小丑. 真是个言而有信的人, Gilley would give the shirt off his back, 他盘子里的食物, or money from his wallet if it meant someone could be helped. He lived with passion 和 an intense sense of empathy, but also was subject to depression, often finding things overwhelming to carry.

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